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Updated: Feb 20, 2019

In 2017, Trao Group initiated GIEO - The art of Giving the Seeds of Luck. Gieo turns seeds into gifts of transformation. For example, in the occasion of New Year, instead of giving lucky money, giving seeds for cultivating luck can be an alternative option to change one's luck. Besides, Gieo is also starting a new tradition called Tet Gieo - a yearly festival when everyone will sow a seed or a good deed. Seeds succeed! Gieo believes through this project, billions of seeds will be planted, millions of trees will grow and millions of people will be inspired to become nature lovers and little better human beings.

In 2018, Gieo launches the lucky seeds envelope design competition to introduce the new tradition of giving lucky seeds instead of lucky money. The project attracted the participation 32 schools in 8 provinces in a series of 35 events. The idea also gets tremendous support from 15 TV Channels and media units.

More info on Gieo Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/gieomayman/

Gieo also inspires several other gifts, fundraising and contest projects. For example, Vinpearl (Largest Real Estate Company in Vietnam) chooses to give Gieo magical seeds to all of their clients during Tet and also organizes a seeds envelope design competition in the format of Gieo to kids who come with their families to all Vinpearl Resorts nationwide.

Gieo activities and gifts in all Vinpearl Resorts

Some news about Gieo on Vietnamese media:

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Gieo on TV:

VTC14 interviews co-founder of Trao and a culture expert about the new Gieo ritual.

News about Gieo on VTV1

Gieo on ANTV

Gieo on VTC14

Family performs Gieo ritual during Tet - VTC14

Gieo ritual in a charity activity - VTC14


Children making their own lucky seeds envelope

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